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Kitchen Design Challenges

When going though home builds there is one room that is always the heart of the home, and that is the Kitchen.

This is one room that will become one of the hardest rooms to design and that requires a lot of thought and decision making. Not only is the design important but the selection of finished that will represent the final product, but also being a cohesive area within the rest of the home.

I know with my background and my family that the Kitchen is the heart of the home and I know some amazing memories have happened in there. From my Nanna teaching me her cookie recipe or creating dishes for friends for a Dinner party.

Reasons why people find it hard to get the design right

I think that people find it so hard to design the space is because they haven't worked out exactly what they want in a Kitchen. Another influence that will affect design is listening to other people who are concerned with aesthetics rather than practicability of the space.

The location of the Kitchen to the house can also influence the design, the Kitchen is generally located centrally to the house with the Dining and Lounge area flowing from it. This can also influence peoples ideal perception of the design as it may become a focal point when in the adjoining rooms.


Some of my tips on nailing your dream design

  • Go into your current Kitchen and list the faults and the achievement of the design?

  • Write a list of what you want and what you need in the Kitchen?

  • What Kitchen shape would best suit your needs ?

  • What size appliances do you require?

  • Are drawers preferred or cupboards for storage?

  • Is the current bench space in your current Kitchen enough?

  • Is there room for a Butlers Pantry?

Other Design notes:

  • Check the distance between benches is enough (too small and you wont be able to navigate through correctly)

  • Have you considered all design options that will give you the greatest amount of space utilised in the room?

  • Are you going to contract an interior designer or a Builder to undertake the work ?

Selecting Finishes:

When selecting cabinetry finish you have to consider the final cost, but also achieve that you are wanting. It is best to see an interior designer who can recommend different products or you can go to a cabinetmaker , both should be able to provide you with costs once the selections have been made.

For benchtops there are thousands of selections that you can make. These come in all different colours, thicknesses and costs.

  • Laminate

  • Engineered Stone

  • Marble

  • Corian

  • Tiles

For cabinetry selecting a colour can become an issue, because there are so many brands, colours and finishes. You can get a high gloss finish to a laminate that has been embossed texture to replicate a raw timber. These also vary in prices depending on your preferences.

My top tips:

  1. When planning your next Kitchen, draw up 3 or 4 options. Once drawn narrow it down to your favourite to work on.

  2. If your stuck, get some inspiration jump on to Houzz or Pintrest, and have look at what people are doing with their interior spaces.

  3. Ask a professional - Consult an interior designer or a cabinet maker for their ideas and how they would change the space.

  4. Get everything costed to make sure you can afford it. It would be terrible if you have committed to the design and selections to find out that it has come over budget. Any changes you make you should cost them so that you can see the budget of the Kitchen.

  5. Enjoy the process and your creation.

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