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2020 Colour Forecast

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Moving into the next decade and the new year 2020 is going to be an exciting, filled with interiors full of texture and colour.

The colours forecasted have been driven by the use of the natural Australian landscape. I believe that considering the devastation of the Fire season that has come upon us and that we are continuing to have, will provide us with a further deeper meaning than we will ever understand. This colour palette will continue through to the middle of 2021 as they provide feelings and characteristics of calmness, resilience and our fighting Australian spirit.

Trending colours - Eucalyptus green, ashen blue, deep rust, aqua blue, moody purple and mustard yellow

Our ALD Designs Colour trend
Colour trend 2020

Eucalyptus green

This is maybe my most liked colour within the trending colours for 2020. This Eucalyptus green provides any room a gentle base that can either be made dramatic or calmed in an instant. Taking from the Australian flora it gives you a sense of the outside living coming inside.

The base tones of green can be layers with Mustard yellow and a moody purple to create depth within the room.

Ashen Blue

Ashen blue paired with the trending green will also be one to look out for. This will be able to create a refreshed look within a home. I believe that the best way to apply this is by using the ashen blue in a form of a velvet texture and in a jute rug to allow for the contrasting between finishes.

Deep Rust

Burnt rust is also a colour that will be featured heavily throughout 2020. This will be extremely popular to exterior walls for a colour hit but also as feature walls throughout the home to continued the outside in. Using a textured surfaced as polished plaster or weatherboard cladding is a wonderful way to incorporate the use of these tones. In Bedrooms this can be used on bed Linen. The use of velvet against navy blue sheets creates contrast within the room, but also a large amount of warmth and cosiness to the room.

Aqua blue

Tones of Aqua blue will also surface this forecast as they are a soft mid alternative to Navy and the burnt umber tones. Aqua tones are perfect for the interiors wanting a fresh palette, ideal for those coastal homes. Not only having a combination of Ashen Blue , Deep rust and Aqua blue creates contrast but allows within a space depth, meaning within the room.

Moody Purple

Moody Purple will also be making an appearance back into our homes. This is can be used in a room to create a sense of luxury and desire. Layered this creates an immense sense of calm. Using a textured pillows of all types within a room enables the flow throughout a room with paired accessories.

Mustard Yellow

This accent colour mustard yellow will be something that will be seen with statement pieces. This is a white room will create a disconcerting feeling when near, but when paired with a eucalyptus green it will provide you with a calm feeling and a sense of purposes.

We cannot wait to start seeing these colour trends coming through !

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