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Rainday Interiors - Bedroom Revamp

Since it is a rainy day here in Perth, thought that I would use some of my creativity. Here are some items that you can affordably purchase and use to revamp your bedroom. All of these are from common stores too. I have listed the items below.

Freedom Aspen Double Bed Head on Sale for $244 regular price $349

Kmart Knitted Ottoman - Charcoal - $29.00

Kmart - Prism Terrarium $ 8.00

Kmart - Marmo Marble Floor Lamp - $ 39.00

Target - Lisa T Indigo 16cm Clock - Gold$25

Target - Harlow Quilt Cover Set -$59

Adairs Home Republic Concrete Geo Gold $ 49.95

Adairs Home republic Marbled Winter Prints Hex Scale From $55.95

I opted for a very simple scheme where you can dress the room up with accessories when you are wanting a change of the room quickly.

Bedroom Revamp

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