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Custom Invitation Sets - Bohemian Floral

When you study interior design you get so many other little avenues that you can wonder down, whilst refining your craft. For me it was Graphics.

There is something about creating a graphic that can be used within a design for people to appreciate that gives you a sense of accomplishment.

After watching a few tutorials I was able to harness the concepts of design and create beautiful designed invitations for family, friends and now the public!

It started with fixing a graphic designers layout so they could print their invited 2 sided with ease, then asked to create flyers and Christmas invitations that will go out to hundreds of Contractors. I got a taste of giving those who describe something and then make it something magical. I also love the challenge of working and creating my clients vision.

When one of my colleagues came to me and said that they needed a wedding invitation set, with a specific bohemian theme in mind, we both accepted the challenge.

We sourced the florals, found a layout that worked for them and made something custom. This invitation also reflected the Bride and Groom perfectly.

Being able to create something that the Bride and Groom loved - was something special and I cannot wait to produce more items for them in the future !!!

Michael and Jayde - Wedding Set

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