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The importance of choosing the right rug

When designing and creating a space it is important to have the feeling of continuity within the space. No matter what your style is you want it to look like everything has been placed in the space for a specific reason.

I normally select the rug as the last item that goes into the room. I believe that every element within the room that you are doing should be in perfect harmony to the rest of the home and space. To enable this harmony, you need your big ticket items like lounges, cabinetry and tables first.

There are so many choices of rugs. You need to first look at some type of designs and see what is your preference. If you are designing the space for someone you have to consider how they live. If you don’t you will put a rug in that looks fantastic for photos and your instagram feed but in a couple of weeks after the install you will find that the client will have an beautiful rug that isn’t practical for them.

Selecting a rug not only has to be suitable and what the client wants but overall functional for the space.

Some of my tips for selecting the ideal rug for your new space.

  • get ideas from Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz for rugs that you like or that you think would go with your space.

  • Figure out if you need your rug to be bold or understated

  • Look at texture of the rug.

  • Make sure you pull the rug down from the wall stand as the light will never hit it the same way that it shows on the wall.

  • If the Rug store allows you take a the rug back with you, to see if it is the final rug.

And my favourite tip is :

Draw up the space in a 3D form with all of the furniture and accessories that you will be having in there. Without purchasing any of the items, this gives you a chance to rework the space without doing a thing.

Layout Positioning bar

Potential Layout Option 1 - Living Room

Potential Layout Option 2 - Living Room

Option 1 - Blue Rug
Round Rug - Couch set up

Option - Blue rug
Round Rug - Living room

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