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Entry Nook Cabinetry

Do you have a empty space that you cannot seem to find the perfect piece from a store but find it won’t fit or you cant find anything at all ? This is where we come in To help you create your custom piece !

We recently designed custom cabinetry with 2 floating shelves at alternating heights for some beautiful glass work, and this is a simple element to add to a wall without adding any artwork ! not only practical but visual pleasing too!

For any general storage that we needed we added small drawers which are push catch with soft close hinged and generous sized cupboards below.

Not only can you use this as a drop zone but quickly move any message away when you have any unexpected visitors arrive !


Suppliers and installers

Modelling software - Sketch Up Australia

Cabinetry selection - Laminex Group

Painters - Peak Painting

Electrician - Local Electrical & Air Conditioning Specialist

Flooring - Trevors Carpets


Pictures below

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